Staying entertained on the road

Made up entertainment

En-route we devised a few games to keep us entertained.  We made up a murder mystery game and, as the world cup was on,  a football world cup game. In the forest in Kyrgyzstan we had a dress up party.

We drew names out of a hat and bought costumes to the value of $5  from the local clothing market.  We were handed our outfits in a bag and had to go behind the truck to get dressed then come out on a ‘cat walk’.  Brilliant fun.

We spit-roasted a local lamb and drank a lot of Kyrgy beer.  I cannot begin to image what the locals camping nearby thought!

Card and board-type games

I took Monopoly Deal and it was great fun.  I highly recommend it.  It makes a change from playing standard card games.

We spent many hours sitting at the tables on the truck playing.  It seemed to work best with 3 – 4 players, but you can play with up to 6.  It’s nowhere near as long and drawn out at the original board game.

The box for the cards is a bit bulky so you may want to decant the cards to something lighter.  There are other games in this format, I have Cluedo but haven’t played it yet.

A fellow traveller brought Carcassonne.  Which is good for travelling as it’s lightweight.  Many times this was played whilst waiting to cross a border.

Games such as scrabble on iPads worked well too  – we just handed the iPad on to the person whose turn it was.


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