Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Money.  Essential, yet sometimes stressful.  There are many things to consider on the money front.  Can you afford your trip? What are additional costs are there? Do you need to purchase specific equipment or clothing?

If you’re travelling through a number of countries you may find taking cash in a global base currency – usually USD – is the best option, but the overland company should give you information about this.

This section covers a number of topics with a view to ease the stress of money.


The true cost of your trip

It’s essential to understand the true cost of you trip so you can get all you can out of the experience.  This section looks at what the additional costs may be and will help lessen the chance of financial surprise and ensure you can afford all you want to do.

Keeping your valuables safe

It doesn’t take long for the value of electronics to add up.  In many countries, cash is king and you may find yourself travelling with an uncomfortable amount of cash.  Knowing your valuables are as safe as they can be will help ease the stress and enable you to enjoy your trip.

What format to take your money

There are many ways to ensure you have access to funds whilst you travel.  Cash may be the main option in many countries but it’s essential you have access to a range of funds, particularly if an emergency should arise. This section looks at the options available to you when travelling.



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