His Overland Packing List

Men's Packing List for Overland Travel


1 x Raincoat and Rain trousers. Both good quality. (Shipped raincoat home when no longer needed,  but trousers got damaged so gifted).

2 x fleece

1 x jumper (gifted in Kathmandu)

4 x Shorts

4 x T-shirts (all  quite new but worn to death and replaced by souvenir t-shirts en route)

1 x long trousers (worn twice, gifted)

3 x pairs of socks

2 x woolly hats (1 gifted)

1 x pair of trainers (quite old, intentionally brought to give away at the trip end)

1 x walking boots (as above) plus one pair walking socks

1 x flip flops (destroyed by gung-ho crew with too many tools at their disposal and replaced in Kathmandu)

1 x winter scarf


1 x sleeping bag (quite old, intentionally brought to give away at the trip end)

1 x pillow (left under bed after too much booze) was bought in the first week of the trip

1 x sleeping mat


1 x iPad mini (broke during a bumpy journey on the truck and later water got in it when a water bottle leaked, posted home for repair and replaced en route)

1 x Kindle

1 x Compact Digital Camera ( plus spare battery and 8 memory cards)

1 x External Hard Drive

1 x unlocked Smart Phone

Charging cables and adapters for all of the above


Major purchases en route

1 x laptop
1 x iPad mini and case (plus a waterproof dry bag to keep it in as I’d ruined my other one when a bottle leaked in my bag)

Toiletries and medication

I only brought the bare minimum (razor, toothbrush, small amounts of soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc) with me and then bought larger quantities of soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc when I arrived as I was leaving from Istanbul so it was easy to stock up.

A few items for first aid, I had the required vaccinations but decided against malaria tablets or other prescription medication.

Bought aftershave at duty-free.


Other Items


Torch x2

Small Filter Coffee jug plus coffee (my luxury item)

Cable ties for securing backpack when travelling by air

Notebook for writing notes (which I hardly used it)



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