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Adventures in Overland is an independent resource site dedicated to overland adventure travel; specifically group overland truck trips and tours.

Here you can find out what experienced overland travellers and crew think you need to know before you hop on that overland truck!

Are you:

  • considering or planning to go on a group overland tour?
  • stuck down the rabbit hole of packing lists, visas, vaccinations?
  • wanting to find out more about day-to-day life on an overland truck?
  • stuck comparing the different overland travel companies?
  • wondering how much overland tours costs?
  • concerned about group travel?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!  All this and more is covered on this site.  So come on!  What are you waiting for??

In Tibet, on the way to the border with Nepal travelling by overland truck.

Choosing your trip

Oh, the places you could go!  But how to choose the right trip for you? This section covers some of the many things you may need to consider when choosing your overland trip, including how to establish the true cost of a trip.


Pre-trip Preparation

Once you’ve chosen where to go, the real work begins! Visas, travel insurance, vaccinations, medication and….the dreaded packing list.  Find out from experienced overlanders what to take and, more importantly, what not to take!

truck 2

Life on the Road

Ah…the wind in your hair, the dust on your face, the campfire smoke in your eyes . . . but what a view?! This section gives an insight into daily truck life.  What food you can expect, what chores need doing and how to cope with group dynamics.

Overland Truck Campers Kyrgyzstan
Meal Prep in Kyrgyzstan



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