Yummy breakfast in Hoi An, Vietnam

I’m Melanie, welcome to Adventures in Overland.  I love to travel, particularly truck-based overland travel.

For me, Overlanding increases the ability to get off the beaten track.  It gives an opportunity to set up camp, cook and sleep in places few hotels would attempt to.

Yes…of course it can be wet, and cold, and windy, and hot, and sticky.  You’ll whiff a bit and live in your clothes for days at a time, but it can also be glorious.

Nights where you see so many shooting stars you run out of wishes.  Incredible sunsets and sunrises.  Great food, and great company.  These are the memories you could have.

I’ve spent months and months travelling on overland trucks.  I’ve travelled through Southern Africa, Central Asia, China, Tibet, Nepal and India by overland truck; and I won’t stop there. My ‘overland wishlist’ is very long!

Yet when I was preparing for my last overland trip I was overwhelmed wondering what I needed to take. I would be travelling through deserts with temperatures up to 40c, camping on snowy mountain passes and sleeping at an altitude of 5000m. Working out what I needed was a headache.

In addition to considering what to take, I was baffled by how much money I’d need, how I would keep my valuables safe, and how I would cope with group travel, on a truck, with no toilet!

There’s a lot of information out there, but it’s either written by overland companies or nestled in individual blogs.  I want to change that so Adventures in Overland was born; an independent resource site dedicated to overland travel that will help you prepare for your overland trip.

This site isn’t just my point of view.  I’ve surveyed those I’ve travelled with and for several months this year I had the good fortune to be based on a lodge/overland campsite in east Africa.  I was able to speak to the many overlanders and crew who passed through the camp each week. I heard first hand the tips and thoughts they had for those considering or preparing for, an overland trip.

I’ve taken their comments into consideration as I’ve written this site.  You can see what they have to say in their own words as quotes peppered throughout the site.

I recommend overlanding because of the experience I had, I have seen and been to places that people have only seen documentaries about.

I now split my time between the UK and east Africa.  This means I can continue the dialogue with overland travellers and crew and keep this site up to date.  You too can be part of the conversation.  If you’d like to contribute to the site or ask me a question you can contact me, or join a discussion on our Facebook page.

I hope you find this information valuable but above all, if you’re considering an overland trip I hope you make that decision and have the time of your life.  I know I did!

Come on, what are you waiting for?!




Much of the information and advice expressed on this website is the personal opinion of the writer. If you choose to follow any advice you do so at your own risk with no recourse to the writer or Adventures in Overland.