Passport, Visas, Insurance

Passport, Visas, Insurance

Getting the necessary paperwork in order to travel may, or may not, feel like a herculean task.

Depending on your passport, you might be able to get visas en route, or you may need to get them before you depart.

It often seems more stressful than it is.  I think the stress ratchets up because you’re worried it will go wrong.

Check your pre-trip information carefully

Sometimes there will be an order in which you need to get the visas. The company you’re travelling with should give you all the information you need, including the order the visas are required and assist with Letters of Invitation if needed.

If you do need to use your passport during the visa getting timeline, this could be tricky and it’s important to check the dates your passport will need to be out of your hands and with an embassy.

Do not try and switch passport/nationalities mid-trip.  Many countries don’t like you entering on one passport and leaving on another.

What happens if it goes wrong?

I’ve travelled with people where they did get their visas wrong before they left, and it was resolved. It might mean you have to move on to another country a bit early or stayed behind a few days to sort it,  but it got sorted and life moved on. Most problems can be sorted, it just might cost in time or money!


If you’re going on a long trip, or to countries a bit off the beaten track, look into the insurance options carefully. The company you travel with might recommend a specific insurance company.

  • Check the activities covered by standard insurance against what you intend to do.
  • Check how long you are able to be out of the country on one trip.
  • Check what the process is if you need to extend or amend your policy once you’ve left your home country.



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