How to keep money & valuables safe when travelling

How to keep money & valuables safe when travelling

How to keep your money and valuables safe when travelling can be a worry.

There are some good products available that can help, as well as common sense. Of course, nothing is fool-proof and not much prevents a determined thief.

When you’re on the overland truck, you will probably have use of the on-truck safe for storing money and passports. It’s unlikely you will be able to use it for much more than this, so you need to consider how you will keep your valuables safe.

My Pacsafe Travel Safe tethered and watched over by wooden chickens.

Travel Safes

I have the newer designed Pacsafe Travel Safe, 5-litre size.  I also owned the older design and this new one is a vast improvement.  It is a flatter, the sides appear more robust, it has an easy carry handle and comes with a sturdier lock.  Most importantly, and this is why I purchased the new design, it can fit my 11″ MacBook air.

Along with the 11″ MacBook Air (with no case), I can fit my iPad mini, iPhone, passport, money/cards and a small digital camera.  It can also fit my slim Seagate 1TB hard drive, but I always keep this separate from the laptop. Before owning the MacBook, I tended to keep all those things on me as they fitted in my Pacsafe Slingsafe handbag.  Now that I  travel with a laptop, I feel I want to protect it as much as I can. Although, until I bought the new-style Pacsafe I used to keep the laptop locked in my backpack in all manner of establishments, thankfully no issues arose.

The travel safe is also good for when you’re on the truck as you can lash it to a sturdy point on the truck when you go away from it. The Pacsafe travel safe also comes in a 12 litre size.

Money Belts

I have a love/hate relationship with money belts.  I took a Pacsafe Money Belt with me on my last travels, and I rarely used it. In fact, I gave it away to a fellow traveller.  I find them hot and bulky and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them hanging out the top of person’s trousers!

Plus, I worry that as the Pacsafe ‘belt’ element of it has a strip of wire through it, it’s a risk if someone were to try and pull or cut it from me.  If they’re that close to me with a knife, I think I’d rather they just cut and steal the damn thing.  So I’ve sworn off money belts, but I know they work well for many people.  As do the neck money pouches.

Pacsafe Handbag

I love my Pacsafe handbag. I  have written a review of it here.  Like the money belt, I do have a wee bit of a concern that it’s hard to cut the strap if someone wanted it, but it’s a risk I’ll take.  Recently, a friend did have their bag cut from them by a passenger on a passing motorbike in Vietnam, and I did wonder what the consequences of this would have been had she had a strap that was hard to cut.

I’ve met a few people who use the Pacsafe bags and they all have good words to say about them.


Please note:  this post is not sponsored by Pacsafe!  I purchased all items myself, at my own expense, I’m just highlighting to you the things I use, that work well for me. There are couple of affiliate links to Amazon here that generate a wee bit of income for me if you purchase, but at no extra cost to you.  



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