What to take & what not to take on your overland trip!

What to pack & what not to pack for your overland trip!

I’m a notorious over-packer.

I keep sneaking in items that I’m sure will be handy/necessary/a treat/essential/impossible to find.

This is not necessary. I know it and yet I still do it!

I do try and follow the 80/20 packing rule.  Pack for 80% of situations and pay for the other 20% of situations, but I’m not always successful.

I started to try and live by this rule after I carried an umbrella on my travels for 15 months, used it…erm…um…….ONCE!



You’ll probably find the company you travel with are fairly prescriptive about the size, weight and type of luggage you can take on your overland trip.  This is for good reason, as space can be limited.  This section has tips and recommendations for luggage.

What to pack

For some, choosing what to take is a breeze…for others, it’s a nightmare.  I’ve been there, as have many others before you. This section gives a recommended packing list and I expose the error of my ways!


Clearly, what equipment you take is very personal and dependent on budget and where you’re travelling.  This section gives a list of travel apps, the list of tech items I use when travelling and how I handle charging and the seemingly innumerable cables that are be required.

Camping Equipment

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and easily possible when overlanding.  This section gives details of equipment I took on my last overland trip, what worked well, and what didn’t.

Lessons Learned

I’ve pulled together a list of the packing lessons I’ve learned over the years. So maybe there has been a benefit to all the extra kg’s I’ve carried around.  I’m not hopeful, though!

Shipping Items Home

If you’re travelling for some time and moving through different climates – or a serial shopper – you may need to ship items home.  Perfectly doable, but something you need to budget for.



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