Her Overland Packing List

Much of this was in my Osprey Farpoint 70

Okay…before you comment, bear in mind I KNOW I over packed.  But also, we were travelling between 0 degrees and 40 degrees and we were on the same transport for 4 months.  Through snow, desert, 5000m altitude and monsoon. When I got to SE Asia, I was down to one bag of 13kgs  and one day pack of about 3 kgs.

You can read about the luggage I took on this page

Kathmandu Packing cubes – small x 4 (perfect)

Quality compression bag to store cold weather clothing

3 x dress (wore 1 loads, 1 a few times, 1 not at all)

2  skirts (1 x icebreaker villa knee length skirt good for Central Asia and more moderate countries, 1 x Columbus worn in SE Asia as it was a bit shorter)

1 x black sleeveless t-shirt

1 x quick dry t-shirt (worn a few times, gained weight, posted home)

1 x icebreaker t-shirt (worn a lot, gifted)

1 x black vest top (worn a lot, gifted)

1 x cotton top/t-shirt (worn a lot, still got!)

1 x shorts (for sleeping)

1 x Icebreaker vest (for sleeping and extra layer)

2 x quick dry walking trousers (1 x posted home too tight, 1 x gifted en route it was time I became separated from them)

1 x Icebreaker villa pants in Black (love, love, love.  Posted home wearing right now!)

1 x Jeans (posted home)

1 x long sleeve shirt (posted home, worn once, I never wear shirts!)

1 x Icebreaker long sleeve thermal top

1 x Smartwool half zip long sleeve top (posted home)

3 x Bra (white, black, flesh)

1 x Icebreaker hiking socks (too thick to wear with shoes!  FAIL)

1 x Smartwool socks (really comfy, recommend)

1 x Icebreaker socks

5 x Icebreaker hipkini underwear (brilliant, but pricey)

2 x cotton underwear

1 x Icebreaker thermals 

1 x Pink cotton cardigan that I think is in 75% of all my photos!

1 x Icebreaker zip up hoody (good, but hard to wash, wish I’d taken my Patagonia windproof fleece instead

1 x Adidas zip up windbreaker (worn once, posted home)

1 x Rohan waterproof jacket

1 x Rab down jacket (but the style without the hood)

1 x wooly hat with flaps

1 x Smartwool beany

1 x Merino Wool Buff

1 x walking shoes

1 x walking sandals

1 x Teva flipflops

1 x Merrell shoes

1 x Smartwool gloves

1 x prescription glasses


1 x Crocs flipflops

1 x Teva Tirra Sandals

1 x Fitflops (great for uneven pavements as they have a thick sole)

1 x cheap knee length trousers in Nepal (I think these eventually needed burning)

Various tops and t-shirts, dresses and a pair of trousers (put on weight!)

1 x MacBook Air 11″


Kindle Paperwhite 

iPhone 5 (unlocked)

iPhone 4 (locked, used as iPod and backup)

Ipad mini

1 x MacBook Air 11″

Sony x100 Camera  (great camera worth every penny), charger, case, backup battery, spare SD cards

Anker USB Back up battery

Anker Multi USB charger

2 x cheap headphones

1 x car charger

3 x USB sticks


I’m just going to say….TOO MANY, it’s my weakness, but I am making progress with this affliction.

Misc. stuff

1 x Black Diamond Torch (love this torch, I’m glad I invested in a good one)

1 x scrubber wash bag

2 x plugs

1 x laundry liquid

1 x Oakley Polarized sunglasses

1 x spare sunglasses  – I did need them, they weren’t up to the job (which is why I bought new in the first place!).  Posted them home, gifted them upon return!)


Malarone (6 weeks worth)

Altitude sickness tablets (never used, gifted to the truck)


Cracked heel cream

Bite and sting relief

5 x ear plugs

1 x eyemask


Copies of passport

Copies of visas

8 x spare passport photos

Copy of travel insurance


A few cards and sentimental items from home

Small diary – bared used, posted home

Photo of family

Sleeping gear

1 x Luxury Map Thermarest

1 x Rab down sleeping bag

1 x Tempur travel pillow (saddest day of the trip was the morning I realised I left this in the hotel room)

1 x silk liner (stayed with me the whole trip. Invaluable)

8 months of Magic contact lenses (16 boxes!) I’ll write a review later, but they are great for travel as they are flat.

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